The start of the Delhi Fall 2008 Polo season scheduled to start on Oct 13, 2008 has been posponed due to some of the horses suffering from a fever/flu.  The organisers are now looking at a start date of Oct 27, 2008.

Please feel free to add comments or provide any additional information you have.

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3 Responses to “Delhi Fall 2008 Polo start delayed”

  1. Great to see the updates on Indian polo which are hard to get if you are outside India.
    disappointing that the season is delayed but as will be great as long as it happens.
    Starting the indianpolo Blog - great idea!! keep the news coming

  2. Great to see Indian Polo back online !!

    Sad though to hear about the delay in Delhi season, hope we have substitute arrangemnets in place incase its the dreadful EIA.

  3. Looks like the Delhi season start is now postponed atleast till Nov 15.

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